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Who We Are

We are Mental Realness Mag. A magazine centered around the mental wellness of Black femmes across the diaspora.


Though we both recognize and celebrate that our content may be helpful to a variety of identities, we primarily serve as an open space for dialogues specifically tailored to the mental wellness and health of Black femmes. We seek to find community in the intersections that connect us and shape the understandings of our health, feelings, perceptions, and ourselves.

Who Are Femmes

As a publication that prides itself on inclusivity, we use femme as a way to include all feminine people regardless of gender. We hope by doing this we remain a haven for the embracing of feminine energies and identities without the fear of broadly mislabeling others under the umbrella term of 'women'. The only identity not included within our definition of femme is that of cishet men who are welcome to read our publication but not to submit to it.

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