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GNN (Girl's News Network)

By Dyandra Harrison

Today we sit in a circle, joined by high priestesses from far and near. All knowing and all seeing, excited to discuss the warnings of the future and the eerie realities of today. It’s a shame more of them couldn’t join, but everyone knows that everyone loves to burn ,


And tame, any femme with higher wisdom. It’s simply fatal. “She’s pregnant, by a man who loves to make a hobby out of children” “He’s no good, but you didn’t need us to tell you, it’s something you could have asked the hood” “Guess blood ain’t thicka than water, especially when a glass of cognac runs through one of them!” these stories and more after the blunt is finished. The news is always bleak, but us humans have a need for the dark, even when shining a light. Gossip is a past time; why we always did it.Folklore, tall tales, tabloids, old wives tales.

Sister to Me, Friend to You

By B. Elae 
(FB/IG: @b.elae)

She sister to me

but friend to you

I know her lies

and know her truths

We weaved tight like sweaters

two sizes too big heavy above our bones

and in each other, we find our homes

She call me and weep

when life ain't sweet

gave me place to lie my head so I could sleep

We travel miles that come and go

and listen to the radio

She hurts so bad

and I hurt too

I wipe her tears

she wipe mine too

She sister to me,

but friend to you

she be stars

I be moon

Photography by Seth Caplan

IG: @Seth_Caplan

Model: Melonee Rembert

IG: @Mmmelonee


By Dyandra Harrison

She thinks comfort is close, but,

I am closer.

I love to embrace her. Just really hold and squeeze her tight

I want her bed to be a cage fit for a free bird.

She knows exhaustion, but it hides, tossing and turning in the dead of night is how her body knows how to “relax”

I do a great job wearing her out.

She thinks comfort is close, but,

I am closer.

Warmth always feels like being set aflame when you’ve inhabited the arctic.

The ice is too hard to chip, it’s easy to forget what she was seeking within the iceburg.

Maybe a hidden treasure, clarity. Sanity.

She thinks comfort is close, but,

I am closer.

“I am always beside you”

She can’t communicate that she doesn’t understand or speak the language of affirmation,

You can’t connect with those who see a mighty vessel

When the reflection is but a hollow shell.

Hermit crabs and the stillness of a single hermit tarot card

The universe wants you to remember that when you look back you see only your shadow,

But when you see yourself it seems to stand right in front of you

She thinks comfort is close, but,

I am closer.


To the Woman in the Mirror

Photography by Rodni Hicks
By Anairis Vasquez

please make some dinner since you decided to stay 

it's been awhile 

but I see you still smile 

and I know I have this hate 


let's keep this straight and simple 

a little juvenile 

I have been feeling lost and drowsy 

a bit  fucking lousy 

I feel like shit 

and nothing ever fucking fits. 

lately i been in a pit 

doing dumb shit 

but I’m quit whining 

Being a baby 

I need grow some balls 

and man up but I’m woman so I’m just be me 

just me and I’m fucking happy about that 

it's crappy sometimes 

living this crime 

this lie 

I won’t lie to you  but I lost a few homies like that 

choosing a new path 

in understanding who I am 

and this is a math problem 

I don’t ever think I’ll solve. 


unresolved feelings about the past 

I hate talking about the past but god damn I need to vent and I don’t care who listens 

just listen to millions problems I deal with 

millions thoughts that just won’t stop running thru my mind

like I won’t mind a getting hug or a pat on back for doing a good job but what good job 

when my one job is to survive and I almost lost it all this year  

like the horrible forests fires in California 

and I’m getting tried of fire 

in burning 

so to the woman in the mirror 

thank you for dinner 

thank you for staying and the beautiful memories 

but you must go because mirror mirror on the wall you can’t tell me who’s the fairest of them all 


By Brieana Patrick

It’s the presence of familiarity,

It’s the smile we place on each other’s faces,

It’s the bitter arguments we get into while simultaneously still knowing that you’ll be there for each other.

It’s the sense of comfort and support that you long from the ones who can not deliver.

It’s knowing that you can pour your heart out and can do the same with judgement never being in the way.

It’s when you can confidently say you’ll be friends forever and we’re still just a child.

Sisterhood has a deeper meaning to me than any other relationship I can think of.

It’s the only relationship that is very intimate without any physicality.

The emotional connection that’s created within this special bond no other.

Sisterhood and let’s be honest... black sisterhood is the reason the world goes round

Photography by Rodni Hicks

"Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?"

                       -Alice Walker

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