About Us

Welcome to Mental Realness Mag: A digital platform for open conversations about mental health for femmes across the diaspora.


Though we both recognize and celebrate that our content may be helpful to a variety of identities, we primarily serve as an open space for dialogues specifically tailored to the mental wellness and health of Black femmes. We seek to find community in the intersections that connect us and shape the understandings of our health, feelings, perceptions, and ourselves.

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Who Are Femmes?


As a publication that prides itself on inclusivity, we use femme as a way to include all feminine people regardless of gender. We hope by doing this we remain a haven for the embracing of feminine energies and identities without the fear of broadly mislabeling others under the umbrella term of 'women'. The only identity not included within our definition of femme is that of cishet men who are welcome to read our publication but not to submit to it.


Meet the Team

(Some of Our Writers Choose to Remain Anonymous)

Auria Lesia

Auri Lesia enjoys writings of the diaspora and W.O.C. She considers herself to be a self-proclaimed hip-hop head who can't stay off a plane.

Auria Creary

Temple alumni who enjoys poetry, short stories, historical docs and articles, and being in nature.


Cypress is a young professional who enjoys watching the sun rise and set. Other Interests include history, culture, and geography and transportation.

Kami Lyles
Part-time rockstar, part-time writer
Dyandra Harrison

An independent poet and journalist who enjoys writing about mental health, black experiences, and spirituality.

Manny Laveau

Young black trans teen from Philly who enjoys music, art, writing, social justice, movies, and laughing. Hopes to inspire the LGBTQ+ movement and make Black Queer/Trans people coexist in predominantly cishet spaces. All in all, I'm here for the black girls and gays.


Contact Us

Email: Mentalrealnessmag@gmail.com
IG: @Mentalrealnessmag
Twitter: @Mentalrealmag
Anairis Vasquez

Young poet who enjoys writing, making beats, painting and nature. I hope that my words can inspire my fellow humans to stay informed and save a life because mental health is important too. 

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Bri Bazey

I'm Bazey and I am a writer/artist. Words are my safe space. I am black af and a proud HBCU graduate (Aggie Pride!), fine fat femme, and member of the LGBT+ community. I've experienced a lot and I've learned a lot. A part of my mission in life is to let people know that they are seen and valued. I know what it's like to not feel like that so I lead with love and have a lot of fun doing it! 

Randi Norris

My name is Randi Norris. Rai for short. I am a 24 year year old woman living with diagnosed bipolar disorder.

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Tonya McKenzie

Tonya McKenzie, founder of  Sand & Shores, is a PR and leadership consultant. She was appointed to the Contra Costa County Youth Council, the first Black women elected to the RB Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, president of the NRBBA,  RBPD Engagement Board member, and author of A Child’s Memories of Cartoons & Murder.

Tiannah Jack

Tiannah Jack is a self-determined soul, freelance writer, and visual artist who has been writing poetry since she was 12 years old. This outlet started as an escape and blossomed into a passion. A reality and space she realized she could forge for silenced feelings and experiences.

Do You See Me Black or White - Yara Rich
Yara Richter

Inspired by motherhood, Yara’s recent work has explored how contemporary Western society’s influence on the physical, emotional, and spiritual affects our sense of self, and our positioning of ourselves within a social and ecological system. Her creative practice combines poetry, photography and videography, electronic music production, and single-line drawing.


My name is Elia (pronouns they/them) I am a French/African queerfeminist audio and visual artist based in Berlin.

Dimpho Mogakabe

A finance student with a calling for the arts.

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Lauren Morton

Lauren Morton is a freelance writer focused on the connectivity between gender, race, society and status. Her work has appeared in OM, Aaduna, Midnight & Indigo and Luxe Radar Media. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her fiancé and two cats. Connect with her on instagram at laureninlosangeles.

Neffetari Edmond

A 24 year old writer who’s trying her best, whatever that may be. 

lana tafere.jpg
Lana Tafere

I am a Black female writer born and raised in East Africa and currently based in the Toronto, Ontario region. My writing explores themes of social justice, Black feminism, mental health, and popular culture.