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Black Femme Yardsale

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Current categories: Apparel, Beauty & Skin, Mental Wellness, Services, and Zines.

Are you a Black Femme business owner, creative, content creator, etc. who would  like your work featured on our website? If so, please send a short bio, your business links, and any relevant social media handles to

AYỌKÁ is a contemporary vintage-concept store and online platform. Showcasing a curated mix of hand selected items while building a community driven by collaboration and conversation.

IG: @shopayoka



LUNYS is a lifestyle brand created by curve model Melonee Rembert. The name stands for Love, Understand, Nourish Your Self and the products feature artistic reminders to love and cherish our bodies and minds.



Beauty & Skin
Beauty & Skin

Capri's Apothecary is just one small part of a grander scale project that I'm working on. That basically allows wellness to become more accessible and more tangible for black women who feel like it's out of reach. Capri's is for black women who really would love to be a part of the health and wellness community but just don't know where to start and just may not have the funds.

IG: @caprisapothecary

Twitter: @apothecarycapri


Hello! My name is Ja’Keena and I am the owner of Mckel Cosmetics. Mckel Cosmetics currently offers a bimonthly makeup and skincare subscription beauty box, a one time limited edition beauty box, and act as an online retailer for black owned makeup and skincare products; within the next few months, we will also have our very own makeup line! My sole purpose for Mckel Cosmetics was to provide a platform for black owned makeup and skincare brands, to help show the world that we do exist in the beauty industry.


IG: @mckelcosmetics


Pure is a brand of truly natural health and beauty products hand crafted with love, formulated with heed, and consciously prepared by using natural ingredients with purpose. These natural ingredients are amazingly beneficial to your health and skin.

IG: @_purehealthandbeauty



Simply Simone Naturals is a labor of love. I decided in 2009 I wanted to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals used on my hair and body. In 2012, when I gave birth to my first son, my love for all things natural and organic grew because I needed my children to have access to top-quality ingredients with effective results. I love all things natural and I am committed to making top-notch products with natural and organic ingredients that you can be confident in.

IG: @simplysimonenaturals

Twitter: @SimplySimoneNat

Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness

Beingsisterstogether is an organization dedicated to spreading awareness about mental health and more specifically, black women’s mental health. We were inspired by the song “cheetah sisters” by the cheetah girls. Some of the lyrics state:

“Cause we are sisters, we stand together.

We make up one big family,

Though we don't look the same.

Our spots are different, different colors.

We make each other stronger,

That ain't never gonna change.”

Mental health in the black community is very stigmatized and the stereotype “the strong black women” doesn’t make it better.

Our goal is to help destigmatize mental health in the black community, as well as help black women feel better about their mental health and provide resources for treatment if needed.


IG: @beingsisterstogether


My name is Shaunique Jackson. I am an aspiring counselling psychologist and I've recently created a channel called Blackhood Narrative as a safe and open space to not only raise awareness but provoke a need for normalising the need for needed conversation within Black culture. The uncomfortable conversations that we may not of heard or seen growing up, conversations on mental health, parenting, sex,healing,traumas, relationships and counselling….. The IG and YouTube channel is about normalising, challenging and redefining the stereotypical narratives we’ve come to hear and believe about ourselves as-well as our blackness within our culture.

I believe there are so many untrue narratives that we have to unlearn and relearn as Black people for the betterment of our mental and emotional wellness.

IG: @blackhoodnarrative

Youtube: blackhoodnarrative


So We Glow is a mental health campaign providing psychological explanations of mental  health issues that are specific to the Black community, e.g. racial battle fatigue, therapy  stigma, and racial stereotypes. So We Glow also signposts people to resources that they might find helpful, e.g. charities, podcasts, support groups and information on contacting  mental health professionals. Rutendo, a BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling graduate  and aspiring psychologist created So We Glow to increase the visibility and public awareness  of mental health issues that Black people face, and build a community beyond the UK. So  We Glow would love to connect with you whether you simply want to be a part of the community, or also want to work on a project together! 


IG: @so.we.glow

Twitter: @soweglow

Pink Link Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency servicing small businesses in the greater Philadelphia area and The Lehigh Valley area. We help small businesses define and optimize their digital identities. We offer services in branding, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization and more!


IG: @pinklinkdigital


Raylá Meshawn is a non-binary educator, artist, and dance instructor who uses sensual movement as a mode of healing. They host workshops and classes centering QTBIPOC communities. As a burlesque performer and survivor of sexual assault, they are an advocate for survivors of sexual violence and an ally to sex workers. They deal with duality and the need for balance in all things. Raylá is especially passionate about feminine leadership and black mental health.

IG: @pxnkmercury


Meet Tiana Reneau, the virtual assistant behind Renaissance Assisting. She is a California native, originally from Los Angeles but currently based in the Bay Area. After working many years as an assistant at film studios, a tech company & a nonprofit, Tiana decided to start Renaissance Assisting with a mission to provide her administrative skills to  entrepreneurs and creative professionals to help them achieve their goals. She loves supporting small business owners, especially Black femmes, see their visions come to reality! Besides work Tiana also enjoys creative writing, films & all things Beyonce!


IG: @renaissance_assisting

Twitter: @Rassisting


I create dynamic websites for Black-owned businesses to showcase their work and express their passions so they can wow potential clients and close more sales. I do this by:

By creating a centralized location on the internet for their business’s information and service

Using SEO software to drive targeted customers/clients to their website

Creating eye-catching designs to keep clients wanting more

Feeling scattered and disorganized because your business doesn’t have a centralized hub? Feeling like your business is lacking legitimacy because your website is absent? Feeling overwhelmed because you're trying to do it all yourself? Book a FREE 30 min Web Presence Audit with me today on my calendly appointment calendar and get you one step closer to the website of your business's dreams!


IG: @sitesbylyle


Call + Response Journal

Launched in August 2018, Call + Response Journal has published diverse poetry, art, short stories, interviews and recently expanded towards think pieces, gallery and exhibit reviews, and essays that all pertain to exploring and engaging with creatives of color from all over the world on our online platform.

Created by womanist writer Veronica Elizabeth Thomas and inspired by the West African trickster, Anansi the Spider, god of wisdom, storytelling, and creativity, we wanted to create a place where creatives of color could confidently submit their work to a journal crafted just for them.


Call + Response is a student-run literary and arts journal providing a creative hub for new and emerging artists of color. We aim to introduce fresh and creative voices to the world through diverse and original art, poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews.


Do you have something interesting to say? We want to read it!


IG: @callandresponsejournal

Twitter: @callnresponse


Tough Cookie Mag is proud to be giving a platform to marginalized voices & under-represented communities to share their stories & art. The mission? To talk about & tackle Stigma-Smashing Subjects and push forward an open & judgement-free conversation across the board.

IG: @toughcookiemag

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